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Health Mart Brand Products
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Our generic Health Mart brand products offer savings over national brands. Preferred by pharmacists and consumers nationwide, Health Mart brand products feature high-quality ingredients but cost significantly less than national brands. From vitamins and supplements to personal care and prescription drugs, Health Mart offers you and your family exceptional value.
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Vitamins & Supplements



The FLAVORx Pediatric System is used in over 35,000 pharmacies nationwide to customize the flavor of prescription and over-the-counter medicines. FLAVORx lets us turn medicine that tastes bad into medicine that kids like much better. (Great for pets and adults too!) Read more about FLAVORx… Windmill vitamins are our primary vitamin line manufactured in the USA in certified facilities to ensure that consumers receive safe, pure vitamins. Every vitamin contains only FDA-approved vitamins and minerals which are also sourced under the strictest quality assurance and control standards. We also carry whey and casein protein powder by Optimum Nutrition. PRN Physician Recommended Nutriceuticals® provides therapeutically potent omega-based nutriceuticals. Read more about these Omega-3 products…